MiaoMiao2 User's Manual


  1. Unpacking

  2. Charge

  3. Reset

  4. Wear

  5. Binding

  6. Set the BG unit

  7. Set the target BG value

  8. Trouble shooting

  9. More supports



Connect your charge cable here

Indicator Status

Charging: Blue light continues to flash

Charged: Green light is always on



Press the hole with a needle


Wear MiaoMiao2

Put the MiaoMiao2 on the top of the Libre sensor with stickers and make sure there is no big gap in between.

Binding MiaoMiao2 on apps, we use Tomato for example.

1. Install Tomato app from AppStore or Google Play, make sure you have the latest version.

2. Go to 'My Screen' Page, tap 'Bind a MiaoMiao'

3. Turn on your phone's BlueTooth. Reset  the Miaomiao2 or charge it to turn MiaoMiao on, then tap 'Next'

4. Make sure you wear the MiaoMiao2 correctly. Follow shown to place your MiaoMiao transmitter on top of the sensor, then tap 'Next'.

5. Select your sensor

6. Choose MiaoMiao2 

7. Complete the binding

Set the BG Unit

1. Tap the icon to the 'Setting' page

2. Select your 'BG unit'

Set your target BG Value

1. Tap 'Diabetes Plan'

2. Tap 'BG Target'

3. Set different target values for different time periods

Trouble Shooting

1. Can’t find the device

 - Reset MiaoMiao2

2. Data not updated

 - Restart your bluetooth on your phone

If you have more problems, you can check our FAQ or Contact US directly.

If you need more supports 


Thank you for choosing MiaoMiao products.